Vivid Dreams & Nightmares

A woman surprised by a giant spider in a bathroom

A student sitting at a desk with dark energy swirling around an altar

A woman holding onto railings over a swift river with an aggressive cougar on the riverbank


I've always had really vivid dreams since I was young. Sometimes they're so intense and/or interesting (to me anyway) that I have to write them down. These illustrations are based on those dreams.

The Giant Spider in the Bathroom: I've had this dream more than once, about different bathrooms, but the feeling of fear is the same. It's just absolutely terrifying to walk into a bathroom and see a giant spider hanging from the ceiling. I freeze for a few seconds, the whole body tensing and locking up, heartbeat shooting up immediately. There's nothing I can do but scream and run away, and hope that I remembered to shut the door, and then hope the door is strong enough to hold it back, for however long.

Dark Energy: I probably had this dream because of the jiangshi (Chinese vampire) shows and movies I was watching at the time (one of my favourite genres). So I was in a classroom, learning how to kill jiangshi. There was an altar at the foot of every student's desk to measure and channel each student's 'spiritual energy'. The teacher had come by and sensed dark energy emanating from my altar. Apparently, a very old and powerful jiangshi was living in there. It used the collective energy of the class to summon a portal, to bring himself to the 'real world'. The jiangshi ended up being somewhat of an anti-hero and taught me how to fight.

Cougar Surprise: This is one of the dreams I had revolving around rivers and riverbanks. I found myself ontop of these metal railings over a swift-moving river. I was trying to make my way back safely onto land, but there was an angry cougar at the nearby riverbank, so I had to worry about it as well. It ended up jumping at me, so I tried to fend it off with kicks while trying to maintain my balance on the railings.


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